Sustainability & Recycling

We want to maintain as small a footprint as possible whilst supplying the highest quality Art & Design work. This means we:

  • Use minimal printing on our materials.
  • Our labels are made as we need them in-house
  • External printers used with Eco credentials

General Packaging

  • We recycle all usable packing materials which come to us where possible.
  • We try to avoid plastics and bubble-wrap (except where it has been sent or supplied to us)


  • We keep our packaging as minimal as possible using (mainly) recycled cardboard, ply, OSB (for larger pieces).
  • Our packing tape is specially developed using paper with water-based glue.
  • 99% of what we supply is recyclable using conventional recycling services at a domestic level.


All intellectual property rights in the designs shown on this website belong to Impossible Things Ltd trading as A Blackbird Sang.  Any infringement will be taken seriously.