Art & Design Materials & Processes

Mild Steel
Most of the pieces we make are based on mild steel. This is sourced in the UK and usually 100% recyclable. If powder-coated these will still eventually rust through. For much of our work we think it adds to the charm. The edges are well-defined and it's impossible to prevent the rusting process without additional work. If you prefer a longer life or no rust then we need to use stainless steel, aluminium or galvinise our designs. This comes at an extra cost.

Extra large pieces
The largest single pieces we can cut at approx 3 x 1.4 metres. Delivery for these is charged at cost. There may be two delivery charges: one for delivery for powder-coating (if required), the second for end delivery to you.

Stainless Steel
If we cut this using a laser there will be heat markings on the surface. They can be removed with acid (we prefer not to do this for environmental reasons) or hand polishing (expensive and difficult depending on the detail of the piece. We offer water-jet cutting if markless stainless steel is preferred. Please contact us directly based on the work (from our catalogue) or for a custom piece.

Many of our pieces are powder-coated. This is a thin polyurethane layer and may also provide texture. We do this to enhance the look and sometimes for customisation for specific customer interiors or locations. Please see here for a possible list of colours.


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